• Gusto Italiano
  • Alpine cuisine with Mediterranean flair

Cucina Alpina - the full flavor of Italy

We skilfully combine the taste of the mountains and the gusto of Italy. The flavor of the sea characterizes our sophisticated antipasti and the fresh fish we serve.

Food and amore

Italy and good food just belong together. You can of course also enjoy alpine cuisine here at our hotel. We serve tasty bacon and well-matured cheese, Parmigiano and Schwarzplenten - dishes made from tasty buckwheat. We cook dumplings and roast game, fry wild mushrooms and much more. Our Schüttelbrot bread (pane scosso) is a dream.

Mare e Monti

Mare e Monti

Monti, this is the mountain cuisine as our ancestors knew it. We have refined this cuisine with "Mare" over the years. This is the light touch of Mediterranean food which also influences our dishes.

You will enjoy divine food in our three-ladies house at the southern side of the Alps. Because: we love Grandezza: casual generosity with top quality.

Buon appetito!

eigene Wein Spezialitäten

Wine from the hotel-own vineyard

Wine brings people together! Our Lagrein is a deep-red wine with a beautiful richness. Our family vineyard is in Kurtatsch near the Lago di Caldaro. Travel there, jump into the warm lake and enjoy the perfect day trip.

Delight is our life

It’s true, we are small & beautiful. And that is how we want to be, giving you the best days of your life. Our staff is very attentive. We put great emphasis on attentive service and try to fulfil your wishes before you have said anything.

We do not only put great emphasis on delight, to us it is a way of life. This is why we treat you to South Tyrolean specialities, whether on our sun terrace or in the restaurant – presentation is everything. The view and the lovingly presented dishes make every meal an experience. La vita è bella!

  • Traditional modern presentation
  • South Tyrolean specialities
    Perfect sweet creations
    Mediterranean lightness

Espresso Italiano 

You cross the border and the cappuccino tastes much better? Well, the water, grinding and pressing make the Italian coffee so special. We serve the finest Italian coffee in all its variations. Latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso. The smell floats from our cosy public room across to our sun terrace.

The bar - the heart of the hotel

The smell of freshly ground coffee, the little chat about the weather. The excellent glass of wine in the evening and also one or the other fruity children’s cocktail. Young and in love, youngsters and the young-at-heart, families and couples – everyone meets at the bar.

Sonnenterrasse mit unvergleichlichem Panorama

Enjoyment with a view

The heart beats faster on our stunning, sunny panorama terrace: 150 m² just for outdoor enjoyment. Sunbathing, playing, dining. Drinking a cappuccino, savouring a bacon platter or enjoying a glass of wine.

Everyone comes together on the beautiful panorama terrace. Here we celebrate with bubbly prosecco, enjoy some treats in the mild air and take delight in the amazing view.

The sun terrace adds a special touch to our delightful family hotel.