Bike, welcome at Hotel Obereggen!

The Obereggen Motorbike Team waits for you at Hotel Obereggen.

The Obereggen Motorbike Team is looking forward to welcome you!

You simply see more of the surrounding area by motorbike. And this is why we are passionate about motor cycling. Here you meet like-minded people who are happy to help with tips and advice.

Andreas – the Junior

Andreas has always been interested in extremes and anything to do with motors. He grew up with a passion for motor cycling and he was mainly interested in motorbikes, tractors and fast cars even when he was a little boy.
His dream came true when he got his first KTM full-cross machine aged 16.
Last year, another vehicle came into the garage - a new favorite, the Trial Sherco S300.

Martina - the boss

Martina used to be a passionate motor cyclist. It was perfect for compensating everyday stress. She loved “breaking out“ for a few hours, taking the curves of the nearby Dolomites passes at great speed – the perfect way of releasing excess energy.
This passion ended unfortunately because of a serious knee injury. But Martina is still the perfect contact when it comes to tips, and she will show you the most impressive passes and the most beautiful views!

Membership at "MoHo - Motorrad Hotels"

MoHo: since 1996, the original of motorcycle hotels in the Alps!

We MoHo members have always been part of and co-creators of a vibrant motorcycle culture with our ambition for quality and competence. With MoHo you not only get to know the streets, but also the people and cultures of the most beautiful motorcycle regions. We know what is important in a perfect motorcycle holiday, we know the tours off the mainstream, the real insider tips to stop, the most beautiful places to stay and the best photo stops. You will be surprised!

Come to stay

Every biker has individual needs and therefore places different demands on "being" an ideal motorcycle hotel. In order to facilitate the selection and to make the differences visible, MoHo's hotels are divided into three competence categories: "MoHo 3-, 4- & 5-helmets"

We at the Hotel Obereggen have been a proud member of the "MoHo - Motorrad Hotels" and have been awarded for the category "MoHo 4 - Helmets".

The hosts of these hotels drive motorcycle themselves. In addition, they meet extensive criteria and are subjected annually to strict quality controls (according to ISO9001).

GPS-based competence

In the "4 helmets" MoHo category, gas suppliers and/or a representative are able to upload their own GPS data to guests' navigation devices so that they can be used in a functional manner. This mainly affects the most important devices on the market, such as TomTom and Garmin.

The guest can be given important information on the basic settings of his device and the correct application, e.g. Disable recalculation, so that the provided tours can also be traveled error-free and without any problems.