• Natural idyll
  • Sunbathing
    Fresh water
    Discover different water plants and animals

Pure refreshment in our natural swimming pond

Enjoy wonderful refreshment in our super-clean swimming pond!

Our natural swimming pond – simply beautiful!

Our swimming pond is super-clean and is a biotope with a great variety of water plants and many small aquatic animals like amphibians, frogs, water snails, marsh treaders, etc. The temperature of the pond can even reach 20°C on warmer days.

First-class water quality thanks to the organic filter system. Fresh water is constantly supplied and fun is guaranteed without chlorine and other chemicals.

  • Watching plants and animals and enjoying the blue sky
  • Children’s wellness at the natural swimming pond
  • Wellness with Haslauer loungers, massages and shiatsu for mum and dad
  • Biotope for exploring
Enjoying the sun
Beautiful view
Exploring the biotope
Watching plants and animals

Wonderful swimming lakes in the surrounding area

Whether in the Montiggl Nature Reserve, with its beautiful mixed forest, or nestling in the vineyards along the wine route, a wide range of beautiful swimming lakes invites to stay a while. A day trip to Lago Grande di Monticolo and Lago di Caldaro or a hiking tour to Lago di Carezza turns into a relaxing, exciting and delightful experience.

to the swimming lakes

Summer Adventure in Obereggen 24.06.2023- 10.09.2023

7 nights per family from € 2.135,-

Book your summer holiday now and choose your own "goodie"!

Every child can choose between:

  • Rock climbing with Hansjörg (for kinds older than 8 years) 
  • or for Kids unter 6 Years one time Pony hiring
  • or a suprise dessert at the Häusler Sam hut

Family offer in a family room for 2 adults + 1 child up to 8 years: from € 2.135,- for 7 nights.