The gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
  • Lago di Carezza
  • The gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
  • Tyrol Castle

Excursion destinations & attractions

Our hotel is the perfect starting point for discovering South Tyrol’s culture and nature.

Discover South Tyrol’s nature

The stunning nature is just as diverse and multifaceted as the cultural life between mountain and valley. Unforgettable holiday experiences for the entire family!

Alpine Coaster – tobogganing in summer and winter

Experience here emotions of steep rides and amazing curves in the forest of the Latemar.

  • Opening times: open daily from 20 December
  • Length: 980 m
  • Difference in altitude metres: 88 m
  • Features of the route: two steep slopes, a 360° turn, several banked curves
  • Highest speed: 40 km/h

The Bletterbach Gorge

ou can read the Bletterbach Gorge like a book: It tells of the events and the life on earth of millions of years ago!

  • Guided hiking tours through the Bletterbach Gorge
  • 8 km long and up to 400 m deep
  • Dinosaur tracks, imprints of parts of plants and many traces of feeding and digging
  • Fossils like sea shells, snails and cephalopods in ocean deposits

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Lago di Carezza

Our tip: Via the Tempelweg trail from Obereggen to Lago di Carezza

This ideal family hiking trail (also with pushchair) leads you through the Karer Forest to the legendary Lago di Carezza.

  • Gentle, green water
  • Beautiful mountain scenery with the Rosengarten and Latemar as backdrop
  • Spectacle of nature in the evening or in the morning when the Rosengarten and Latemar mountains reflect in the crystal-clear water of the lake
  • 300 m long, 130 m wide, deepest: 22 m
  • Frequented by divers in winter (dive sessions beneath a thick layer of ice)

The gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Flowers from around the world stretch across an area of 12 hectares in the shape of a natural amphitheatre with a difference in altitude of 100 metres. Blossoming highlights are guaranteed throughout the year.

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Maria Weißenstein pilgrimage destination

The origin of the Maria Weißenstein pilgrimage destination dates back to 1553 when Virgin Mary appeared to Leonard Weißensteiner to cure his illness. As a thank-you, she asked him to build a chapel for the believers to pray for her help. Opening times of the church: 7.30 am – 7.00 pm without closing (all year)

Discover South Tyrol’s culture

Starting from the hotel, the State capital Bolzano can be reached in 20 minutes by car. Bolzano, with its many shopping facilities in the historic arcades, the fruit market and a wide range of cafés and small wine stores, is definitely worth a visit.

The cultural life between mountain and valley is just as diverse and multifaceted as the landscape. Many museums, castles and fortresses invite to a discovery tour.

Die Bozner Lauben

The arcades were built by the Trento bishops in the 12th century to boast trade in the then still small town of Bolzano. The arcades cross the old town of Bolzano from east to west and are now the main attraction of the State capital. Their architecture is unique and they form the most unusual and yet most traditional shopping mile in South Tyrol.

A popular meeting point

Strolling through the Bolzano Arcades, there is plenty to see and to discover. The romantic winding alleyways radiate a very special atmosphere. First-class boutiques and beautiful shops, cafés, delis and lovely bars – this is where everyday life happens here.

Abbazia di Novacella

This is one of the most famous Tyrolean abbeys.

  • Most of the complex open for viewing
  • Baroque abbey church with famous ceiling frescos by Matthäus Günther
  • Medieval cloister with frescos from the 14th and 15th century
  • Library with valuable manuscript collection
  • Pinacotheca with collection of Gothic panel painting

Guided tours from 2 May to 12 October

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Muri Gries Monastery Winery

The best Lagrein of the abbey grows around the baroque monastery. Old native grape varieties have been revived here. The secret of success: to rely on the quality of one’s own grape varieties, to work with one’s own resources and to build on that:

  • Classic red wine winery with 85% of red wines like Lagrein, Vernatsch with St.Magdalen and Kalterersee Auslese, Pinot Noir and Muscat Rose à Petits Grains
  • White wines: pinot blanc, pinot gris, Müller Thurgau, chardonnay and Gewürztraminer

Karneid Castle

A landmark of the municipality:

  • Massive and impressive castle
  • Constant changes over the centuries: extensions and additional buildings like the west gate tower and the east tower with the outer ward
  • Original form from the 16th century not changed to this day
  • Inside: beautiful architectural and art historical, highly interesting details
  • Castle chapel with valuable Romanic frescos

Tyrol Castle

Tyrol Castle is the ancestral castle of the Dukes of Tyrol. The local rulers represented the State of Tyrol at Tyrol Castle for a thousand years until the political administration was finally relocated to the more conveniently situated town of Innsbruck in the 15th century.
An interactive course now leads through the castle, illustrating the milestones of the region’s history and art history. The Archaeological Museum in the castle provides a good overview over the first settlements in the alpine region beginning from the 7th century BC. A completely intact melting furnace system from the Bronze Age can be admired here. The ring wall, built around 1100, is one of the oldest still existing castle walls.
The two marble portals from the 12th century have also been restored to their old splendour. Rich in symbolic sculptures, they are some of the most original creations of Romanic art in Tyrol. The chapel with frescos from the 13th century accommodates the oldest Tyrolean stained glass and a mighty wood-carved crucifixion group from the 14th century.


Handmade THUN figures in their unique shapes and colours can be admired in the Thuniversum and purchased directly from the biggest outlet, the THUN Store.

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Bolzano Archaeological Museum

Experience archaeology: Go on an exciting journey through the past across a total of four floors. Unique finds and interesting facts about the man from the ice - Ötzi (over 5.300 years old)

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Messner Mountain Museum

South Tyrol’s most famous mountaineer, Reinhold Messner, has dedicated his museum project to the topic “The mountain and its culture“ which can be admired at six extraordinary sites.

MMM Corones, MMM Firmian, MMM Dolomites, MMM Juval, MMM Ripa und MMM Ortles

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Max Valier Observatory in Gummer

Discover the universe from different angles and views to the celestial bodies in 1.117 m above sea level.

Our tip: A hiking tour on the “Planets Trail”, which starts directly at the observatory, leading to various “planet stations”!

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