Dolomites – a climbing paradise of superlatives
  • Dolomites – a climbing paradise of superlatives

The mountain beckons with beautiful vie ferrate

There are some highlights in life and one is definitely climbing in the Dolomites.

It took 250 million years for the Alps to become what they are and how we hike, climb and admire them today. You touch millions of years-old rocks on the stunning vie ferrate. Hobby mountaineers are just as delighted as sports climbers. Our vie ferrate are not only beautiful, but safe too. Choose from the great selection of climbing tours! Enjoy!

"Rosengarten Mountain Range" climbing tours

Santnerpaß-Via Ferrata

Starting point: Rosengartenhütte, 2339 m.
Beautiful climb to the heart of the Rosengarten, surrounded by steep cliffs and peaks with stunning view. After ca. 2 1/2 - 3 hours, you reach the Santnerhütte, 2734 m. Take the same way back or take trail 542 via Gartlhütte to Vajolethütte and farther, on way 541 and 550, via Tschagerjoch back to Rosengartenhütte.
Trail number: 542s.
Difficulty: a good physical condition is required

Rotwand Via Ferrata

Starting point: Paolinahütte, 2125 m.
Perfectly secured climbing trail across the Nordgrat to the top of the Rotwand, the main peak of the southern Rosengarten mountain range, 2806 m.
Alternative way: Descent to Rotwandhütte (secured trail) or below the Festerleturm. Continue on the Masarè via ferrata and back to Paolinahütte.
Markierung number. 539 and number 551.
Difficulty: easy - intermediate

Masarè Via Ferrata

Starting point: Rotwandhütte, 2280 m.
This rock trail is situated south from the Rotwand via ferrata and leads from the Rotwandhütte to Punta Masarè, 2585 m. Descent to the Rotwandhütte from there.
Difficulty: intermediate-difficult

Kesselkogel Via Ferrata

Starting Point: Grasleitenpaßhütte, 2599m.
The Kesselkogel, 3004 m, is the highest mountain of the Rosengarten mountain range and is considered to be one of the most beautiful view points of the Dolomites. The peak can be reached over the west or the east climbing trail.
Difficulty: intermediate

Via Scalette Path to Passo Lausa (2.720m)

Starting Point: Schutzhütte Gardeccia, 1950 m.
The Scalette Path is also called Larsec Weg path. Larsec is the name of an almost unknown mountain rage, situated east from the Rosengarten range. The path leads from the Gardecciahütte through the Larsec range to the Antermojahütte, 2497 m.
Difficulty: easy

"Latemar" climbing tours

Via ferrata "Campanili del Latemar"

Starting Point: Karerpass, 1600 m.
Ascent the top of Mount Latemar. Descent to gap (Bivak Rigatti). Starting point of the via on the southern side of the Latemar, from east to west.
Way number 17 and number 18, via ferrata number 511.
Difficulty: intermediate, endurance required (hiking distance up to 8 hours)

Climbing Tour "Schlernmassiv"

Großer Roßzahn

Starting point: Tierser-Alpl Hütte, 2441 m.
You reach a mountain gap (with fantastic view to the Seiseralm) and then the mountain top, 2630 m after a narrow crevice between Großen- and Östlichen Roßzahn. Trail mark: red and white.
Difficulty: easy

Maximiliansteig to Roterdspitze and Crossing of the Roßzähne

Starting point: Tierser Alpl Hütte, 2441 m.
This versatile via ferrata starts after passing the Schlern plateau on the western ridge of the Roterdspitze and ends with the crossing of the Rosszähne, 2653 m.
Difficulty: easy

Sicher am Fels mit Bergführer Hansjörg

Climbing for children

If no mountain is too high, no climbing wall too steep, no route too difficult for you, then you can climb every rock face together with mountain guide Hansjörg. He knows the area around the Latemar like the back of his hand and leads you to an adventure. Hansjörg provides useful tips, shows you the best techniques and helps you to conquer your fear of heights, thus you become one of the real big climbers.

Mutig Höhe meistern

Forest high rope course - a family adventure

The forest high rope course at the lower terminus in Obereggen comprises of 3 courses of various levels of difficulties. After a short introduction, you are off to dizzy heights in the treetops with panoramic view to the Latemar and into the valley. Thrilling? Yes!
Whether balancing across wobbly beams, climbing across nets or moving from tree to tree on wires here you can enjoy plenty of activities. The forest high rope course is situated in the village just around the corner of Hotel Obereggen.

to the high rope course

Climbing also on bad weather days

Bolzano “Salewa Cube“ indoor climbing

Absolute highlight of Italy’s currently largest indoor climbing facility, the Salewa Cube, is the large gate at the entrance. The facility offers pleasant climatic conditions; thus, climbers feel like they are climbing outdoors.

Figures & Facts

  • pace for 250 climbers
  • Climbing area 2.000 m²
  • 180 different routes
  • Levels of difficulty 4 bis 8c
  • 18 - 13,5 meters height
  • 3 Speed-climbing routes in- and outdoor area
  • 420 m² boulder area (200 indoor-boulder, 220 outdoor-boulder)
  • Boulder rocks: difficulty from A - E
  • Via ferrate in the outdoor area (14m high, 25m long)
  • Dry-Tooling-Wand at the outdoor wall
  • Green space
  • Climbing wall for therapeutic climbing
  • 11.000 climbing handles