Hay bath and more
  • Hay bath with various alpine grasses, herbs and flowers
  • Wellnesstrainer Florian
  • Pilates with Florian
    Pleasant massages

Experienced hands pamper body and skin

We will be delighted if you treat your body to something good!

Natural relaxation in the “Badl“

Our massage area “S’Badl” is open 2 times a week for you!

Choose from our versatile wellness treatment offer with Haslauer Softpack Loungers and organic products “Orchidee Alpine”.

The principle of pure ingredients in the Haslauer tub

Covered in various body and essential oils, you lie in a Haslauer soft-pack tub with pleasantly warm water of 38°C. You are wrapped in a thin film, which is gently pushed against your body by the water pressure. The warmth ensures better penetration and absorption of the natural ingredients into the skin.

Hay bath

Take a seat in our hay bath with over 64 different grasses, herbs and flowers from our alpine pasture.

These experiences can be enjoyed by two anytime.

Our Wellnesstrainer Florian

  • trained in traditional Chinese medicine
  • certified shiatsu practitioner, masseur and Pilates instructor
  • individual advice for your personal spa treatments
  • Pilates at the natural swimming pond or in the “Badl“
  • Recommended: shiatsu treatment

more about Florian

The little extra after a blissful spa experience: Be inspired by the power of nature in our Relax Lounge, find to yourself at the crackling open fire and enjoy a wide range of warm teas.

End the day in a cosy atmosphere. Fantastico!

Body baths

Dive into our relaxing, purifying and healing baths and experience new energy and vitality. The warming baths relax your body and are the perfect preparation for a massage afterwards.

  • Night Candle Bath

    The hydrating and moisturizing night candle oil cream bath is a special treatment with an intensive skin moisturizing effect and an intensive care of the epidermis. The special composition of precious night candle oil, urea and basic cream gives you velvety soft skin.

    ca. 50 Min. € 58,-
  • Milk-Oil Bath

    Legend relates that Cleopatra always took baths with essential oils and fresh milk. Our milk and oil bath has moisturizing and caring effect on your skin.

    ca. 50 Min. € 58,-
  • Salt and Brine Bath

    "White gold", as salt is also called, developed in the course of time from the salt water of the primordial ocean. Treatments with salt nurture the skin with important minerals and are helpful to maintain its ph-value. A great treatment for silky skin!

    ca. 50 Min. € 38,-
  • Wine Marc Bath

    Wine Marcs of high quality, organically grown Chardonnay grapes contain a high concentrate of fruit acids, valuable minerals and trace elements and have a gentle, exfoliating effect. The wine dregs are enriched with special clay, chalk, grape seed oil and are applied on the body in a thin layer before you relax in our water bed. The bath improves the tonicity and counteracts skin aging. Afterwards your skin is nurtured with Orchidea Alipina Butter.

    ca. 50 Min. € 65,-
  • Hay Bath

    You lie in our bathtub, nestled in aromatic hay from our own Alpine meadows. The natural agents and Alpine herbs relax your body, refuel your energy and give you a feeling of comfort and wellbeing. Relax and enjoy the breathtaking view from our relaxation room.

    ca. 50 Min. € 65,-


Enjoy relaxingmassages by our wellnesstrainerFlorian.

A massage gives strength to body and soul,
gives you pleasure and new courage.
Relax while enjoying a massage,
take a break from everyday life!

  • Obereggen Special

    Full body massage with mountain herb agents, gentle stretching and mountain herb wet pack for your neck.

    50 Min. € 75,-
  • Sport Active Massage

    Intensive massage for your legs and lower back. The ideal end of an exciting skiing day or hiking day.

    25 Min. € 35,-
    • 50 Min. PLUS relaxing poultice € 70,-
  • Anti-Stress Massage

    Relaxing back-, shoulder- and neck massage that releases tensions and reduces stress. Take a break from everyday life and relax.

    25 Min. € 35,-
    • 50 Min. PLUS relaxing poultice € 68,-
  • Shiatsu

    Shiatsu is a Japanese finger pressure massage based on the theoretical principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Gentle pressure harmonizes the energy flow of the meridians. This leads to an overall feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and centricity.

    50 Min. € 70,-
  • Orchidea-Alpina-Ritual

    This scenting body peeling removes redundant skin cells and makes the skin smooth and silky. After the peeling, relax during a pleasant full-body massage with nurturing Orchidea Alpina body butter.

    75 Min. € 94,-
  • Thai Yoga Massage

    In the traditional Nuad thai massage the energy lines are stimulated by stretching, yoga and acupressure; the organs are strengthened and the joints are mobilized. This creates a feeling of lightness.

    75 Min. € 85,-
  • Himalaya Massage

    Enjoy the scent of vanilla and cardamom in this invigorating massage with warmed oil. The alternating movements of this rhythmic massage invigorate and warm the body, relieve tension and relax the muscles.

    50 Min. € 80,-

Treatments for two

  • Indulgence Bath for two

    Enjoy togetherness with our mountain herbs - night candle bath. Followerd by a glass of prosecco in our relax lounge.

    50 Min. € 169,- for 2 persons
  • Symphony for two

    Romantic mountain herbs & night candle bath. Followed by a relaxing massage and a glass of prosecco near the crackling chimney fire.

    75 Min. € 199,- for 2 persons


  • Body & Soul

    Orchidea-Alpina-Ritual 75 min.
    Shiatsu50 min.

    2 days € 155,-
  • Man Special

    Mountain herbs bath50 min.
    Skiers active massage25 min.

    1 day € 90,-
  • Anti-Stress intensive

    Night candle bath50 min.
    Anti-stress massage + poultice 50 min.

    1 day € 107,-