Learning to ride at the organic farm
  • Learning to ride at the organic farm
  • Cleaning, grooming and making friends

Walk, trot, gallop! The view is fantastic on horseback

Learning to ride properly and to sit in the saddle safely: Our riding instructor is not only very patient, but also an experienced horse whisperer.

Mucking out, grooming horses, making braids and scraping out horseshoes!

Our riding instructor Lissy & her team know how children feel good and safe around horses. We have many different horses, and individual horseback rides and outdoor riding lessons can be booked after a riding taster session on the introduction day. We are of course happy to accompany you on your horseback rides!

  • Intensive riding lessons for learners: 1/2 hour (guided on the lunge)
  • Horseback rides: ½ hour, 1 hour, 2 hours and longer
  • Team Pony Concept Student (equestrian pedagogical concept) for children under 6 years of age

Our rider team is always there for you

Short introduction into horsemanship

  • Establishing a relationship with the horse
  • Western and/or English riding styles
  • Individually structured riding lessons
  • Various levels of difficulty
  • Accompanied horseback rides

Your children can learn and experience the following:

  • Riding taster 2 x a week for adults and children
  • Cleaning/grooming of horses
  • 3 x a week mucking out the stables and working with Lissy
  • Making friends
  • Native Americans Day including putting a handprint on the horse
  • Pony tour "Take the pony"

May we introduce you?

Our pride – our horses with strong personalities

  • Tern
  • Whiskey
  • Jolly

Tern - the children's lover

I am here longest in Obereggen and I love it here, because I am always allowed to be on the meadow with the other horses. I'm one of the biggest in the riding stable and I love the little ones. Everyone is safe and in good hands with me. I love to ride on our big meadows and enjoy the light breeze in my hair as we trot and gallop across the hills.
PS: Between us, Cindy is my dearest friend, with her, everything is great.

Whiskey - our heartbreaker

My name is Whiskey and I am a French Merens, I am also called the Heartbreaker, with my incredibly empathetic charm I enchant every girl.
Although I'm not the biggest with a stick of 1.45, but still the Leitwallach in the herd, this includes protecting my friends in the pasture. Everyone loves to ride with me, preferably on horseback.

Jolly - the Shetland pony grandma

I already belong to the inventory. My task is to get the little ones excited about riding and I manage that with flying colors. Even the daughter of the house and now riding instructor Lissy has learned to ride with me at the age of 6 and still loves me today. I am so well-behaved that the guests can take me on a short hike - so the kids get to know us horses better.

  • Brandy
  • Rina
  • Ringo

Brandy- our lead gelding

Hello I am Brandy and I am the boss of the herd. Together we spend the afternoons and nights in the meadow and enjoy our time where we can just be horses.
I love my work with children and adults in riding lessons.

Rina - a true Haflinger mare

Hello, my name is Rina. I am a proud South Tyrolean Haflinger mare and have the most beautiful mane in our herd, perfect for braiding. In addition, I am incredibly strong andridden by the kids, but also byadults. My new hobby is pulling, I like to help pull wood or the sulky or help with other transport work.

Ringo - the young Indian gelding

Hello, I'm Ringo and with my 4 years still learning. I am an Appaloosa Mix and I am a real Indian horse with a spotted butt. I am very docile and good, but I only want to be ridden by experienced riders so that I can learn everything correctly. I am very cuddly and love to be cleaned and cuddled - daily pats are a must!

  • Joe
  • Lola
  • Zilli

Joe -our lawnmower

Joe is my name and I'm an Appaloosa Haflinger mix. I am mainly used on the riding arena and have already taught many kids the riding. In the area I can not resist the juicy organic grass on our pasture and love to gallop.

Lola - small but powerful!

My name is Lola and I'm three years old. I love to fool around with my two donkey friends and live the day. One year I have to wait until I am allowed to go to the riding school because I'm not fully grown yet. I've already begun to learn how to pull and everyone praises me - they say I'm very intelligent and walk like a machine.

Zilli - a dear lady

Hello I am Zilli, a very dear Haflinger mare. I am a very accommodating lady and I am happiest when the rider is happy.
Especially children I love with all my heart and together with the riding instructors I teach the children how to ride. In the herd I get along very well with everyone and love the time in the meadow.

Freddy & Barney - the two stubborn heads

We are Freddy and Barney, we are two years old and we are cousins, we are always teasing, as is the case with cousins, and have always been and always will be together. Jolly and Lola are our friends, both of us and Lola have only nonsense in our heads. We are not yet ridden, we are still too young, but we are happy to be cleaned. We are always happy when a family takes us for a walk and try to put our stubbornness on the side - instinctive feeling is needed!

Do you want to learn more?

...then come to our stables. You can experience our horses up close and all 6 of them are already waiting for riders of all ages!

Riding Package 21.05.2023.-08.10.2023

5 hours from € 80,-

Our riding stable is open exclusively for our house guests.
Kids, teens and adults are welcome to learn to ride with us or take advanced rides in the countryside.

Our horses, donkeys and ponies are waiting for you.

Our riding package for young and old:

  • Trial riding at the start of the week
  • Donkey trekking
  • Supervised horse afternoons with grooming, plaiting, stable care & horse care 
  • Riding lessons with a trained riding instructor 
  • guided rides into the countryside for advanced riders

Our riding stable is open from Monday to Saturday.

Our offer at the riding stable:

Riding lessons

  • ½ h group lessons max. 4 persons € 17,-.
  • 1 h (55 min) group lessons (½ h in the riding arena, ½ h cross-country) € 29,-.
  • Small RIDING INSTRUCTION flat rate in a group: 5 x ½ h € 80,-.
  • Large RIDING INSTRUCTION flat rate in the group: 5 x 1 h € 135,-.

Rides for advanced riders

  • 1 h (50 min) ride in the group € 29,-.
  • Riding flat rate for advanced riders in a group: 5 x 1 h € 135,-

For the little ones:

  • For kids from 3-6 years
  • ½ h horse time with games, horse care and trial riding: € 17,-.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our riding packages cannot be combined with other offers. 

Lissy - Our certified riding instructor

Our Lissy is not only a qualified sommelier and spoils our guests with culinary delights, but also a certified riding instructor (VFD training instructor).

She continuously attends further training courses such as the Team Pony Concept - the teaching concept for female teachers, in order to always be up to date.

Together with her team, she takes care of the riding students and their needs.

Requirements & further info

We offer riding lessons from the age of 6. No previous experience is necessary. The best age to start riding is between 6 - 9 years. 

Playful around the horse & "Team Pony Concept Student" lessons can be taken from as young as 4 years old. 

Riding is a great experience and especially beneficial for children. The children experience the closeness to animals, empathetic communication and animal-friendly work. It is also character-building it strengthens self-confidence and (self-)motivation - it is an incomparable experience to master tasks in cooperation with such a large animal. Concentration is also promoted, as children concentrate voluntarily while riding.

In any case, riding is a wonderful balance to stressful everyday life for young and old. It provides relaxation, distraction and the reduction of stress.